“Boxwood Forest”, 2018.  Interactive/curatable collage on cardboard. 24” x 14”.

           Poem for “Boxwood Forest”, 2018.  Collage. 
           Numbers to the left of each variety corresponds to a particular shrub used in Boxwood Forest.

                                “Playground”, 2018. Collage and chinamarker on primed cardboard. 18” x 24”.

                                        “Skaroff Hollywood Hill Sign”, 2019. Oil on primed watercolor paper. 3.5” x 6”.

   “White Pine Brush”, 2019.  White pine and rubberbands.
“White Pine Brush Study”, 2019.  Oil, pen, and china marker on paper. 2’ x 3’.

“Decorative Greens”, 2018.  Oil on cardboard.  3’ x 6”.

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