As an interdisciplinary visual artist and ecologist, Kelsey Skaroff’s work explores how humans are and have always been part of nature, focusing on the phenomenon’s collaborations, cyclicity, persistence, and eternity. 

        Kelsey works professionally as a horticulturist in the landscaping industry, which informs her about bodily reactions and interactions that create a cohesive, vividly sensual, ever evolving environment.  Specifically, this is done in performing manual labor and plant health care, in all seasons and weather conditions; practicing animal, native plant, and invasive plant identification; observing and complying with the formation of habitats; and studying notions of land/home ownership.

       Food and cooking are additional fields of research, in that forage and harvest is all thanks to ecology.  Preparation and chemical transformation of its bounty allows us to very tangibly nourish, pleasure, and change ourselves and our bodies, individually or with others.  Astrology is another study, as it allows Kelsey to observe changes in herself, others, generations, and communities in a mathematical, time and history based manner.

       These studies and practices have supported Skaroff in the making of paintings, drawings, photographs, videos, individual and collaborative performance.  Paintings and drawings play with temporality through use of traditional and non-traditional surfaces and mediums, organic and “non-organic”.  Kelsey is a member of the collaborative international intersectional feminist rock band, Peebls.

March 25th, 2020

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